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Since 1977, Prairie State Legal Services (PSLS) has fought to achieve equal justice for people living in poverty across 36 counties in Northern and Central Illinois. We operate 11 offices, with locations in Bloomington, Galesburg, Joliet, Kankakee, Moline, Ottawa, Peoria, Rockford, Waukegan, West Suburban (West Chicago), and Woodstock. PSLS celebrates more than 45 years of service to those in need.

Our Work

We dedicate our work to individuals and families who have depleted resources for basic human needs, ultimately securing safe housing, food, income, and personal safety. More than 16,000 cases are represented by our staff of 125 attorneys and more than 300 pro bono volunteers every year.






Financial Stability

Client Success Stories

Meet Janice, an older adult with a disability and a non-English speaker. Janice is a victim of fraud and identity theft, which led to more than $40,000 in unauthorized credit card debt. Janice turned to PSLS for help fig…

A Voice for Janice

Meet Melissa, a newly divorced woman who recently obtained a green card! PSLS staff were key in helping Melissa get to this point in her life. Several years ago, PSLS helped Melissa obtain an order of protection against…

A Fresh Start for Melissa

Meet Eloise, a wheelchair user who has lived in an independent living facility for several years. In the past, the facility’s HVAC unit broke down earlier than expected, because residents kept their doors open. Now…

High-Quality Legal Services for Eloise

Meet Blake, a man in his 20s who lives with his girlfriend. Blake is battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. He recently grew concerned about the safety of his apartment because of flooding issues. Blake’s doc…

A Safe Home for Blake

Meet Delilah, a middle schooler who has lived with her foster family for three years. Delilah loves band class, but is struggling academically due to ADHD and unmet social emotional needs. Delilah’s foster parents…

An IEP for Delilah

Meet Paula, who lives in a Section 8 housing apartment. Paula’s landlord recently served her an eviction notice, alleging rule violations. That is when Paula turned to PSLS for help avoiding eviction and losing her…

A Home for Paula

Meet Laila, a young lady who grew up in a tight-knight, religious community. Unfortunately, Laila also grew up in an abusive home. Laila moved out of her childhood home after an incident of abuse, and got an order of pro…

A Safer Life for Laila

Meet Alicia, a working mother in her 40s with a disability. Alicia has received Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for nearly two decades. Recently, Alicia stopped receiving the SSDI benefit because of an overp…

High-Quality Legal Services for Alicia

PSLS represented Robert*, a student victim of bullying in his middle school. His parents sought help convincing the school district to implement a safety plan that accommodated Robert’s emotional and post-trauma di…

Pursuing Justice for Robert

Leah*, a minor with a criminal record, wanted her record sealed or expunged. She is a high school dropout with a single charge on her record that was holding her back from finding a job. However, after caring for an ail…

Pursuing Justice for Leah

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