Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Includes a dynamic group of lawyers and community members committed to protecting the public interest by making sure that Prairie State Legal Services is operating in a manner consistent with its mission.

  • Adam M. Fleming
  • J. Michael Bean
    Vice President
  • John K. Kim
  • C. Garrett Bonsell
  • William Beckman
  • Maria Best
    Client Member
  • Kenneth Davies
  • April Foster
    Client Member
  • Deborah L. Goldberg 
  • Louis Hobson
    Client Member
  • Jasper Jones
    Community Member
  • Karlene V. Jones
    Client Member
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Carol Loughridge
    Client Member
  • Joseph D. Lovelace
  • Aga Mikolajczyk
    Client Member
  • Jim Rowe
  • Scott J. Smith
  • Chasmine Thornton
    Client Member
  • Sonni Choi Williams