Pursuing Justice for Robert

December 5, 2023

Client_Success_MiddleSchool_Robert_T-0001.pngPSLS represented Robert*, a student victim of bullying in his middle school. His parents sought help convincing the school district to implement a safety plan that accommodated Robert’s emotional and post-trauma disabilities. PSLS sought accommodations such as allowing a parent to be present during behavioral interviews and separating the bus and class assignments of the client and the bullying students. The school refused.

PSLS then sought an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and represented Robert in an IEP domain meeting and initial review, which resulted in him being eligible for special education services for an emotional and post-traumatic disability. The resulting comprehensive IEP included many very positive accommodations and classroom assignment changes. Also, during the domain meeting, PSLS pressed for the school to consider trauma-informed training for social work and counseling staff. The school agreed to provide such training to its staff. Robert has fewer behavioral incidents, loves school, and is doing well with much support from teachers and other school staff.

*Name was changed to protect client confidentiality.