Pursuing Justice for Leah

November 20, 2023


Leah*, a minor with a criminal record, wanted her record sealed or expunged. She is a high school dropout with a single charge on her record that was holding her back from finding a job. However, after caring for an ailing grandmother, she became interested in healthcare work. Our attorney advised Leah to apply for a healthcare worker waiver as she’s currently ineligible to seal or expunge her record. PSLS investigated the details of Leah’s disqualifying conviction. We then worked with Leah to write an accurate but sympathetic explanation of her case for the Illinois Department of Public Health to show that she was not the same person. We also worked with Leah to obtain written letters of support from members of her community who have witnessed her personal growth. Finally, we helped Leah draft a resume that she could use to find new job opportunities. Our efforts were successful, and Leah obtained the healthcare worker waiver. Leah is working on her GED now and will soon be eligible to seal her record.

*Name was changed to protect client confidentiality.