Prairie State Legal Services Rolls Out Brand Refresh

November 29, 2021

In early August, we began the process of revitalizing our brand by “refreshing” our more than 10-year-old logo identity and tagline.

“As we thought about our 45th anniversary in 2022, we thought it was the right time to take a good look at our brand, what it stands for and the values it represents,” said Jennifer Luczkowiak, Director of Development of Prairie State Legal Services. “These changes also are coming at a time when the
organization is evolving.”

After vetting six marketing and advertising firms, we chose Rockford-based Ginestra-Watson, a full service advertising agency specializing in brand development and creating focused campaigns across multiple mediums.

“A logo refresh typically includes things like adjusting your brand color palette, tweaking your fonts, changing your tagline, and/or reorganizing your logo’s shape,” said Tom Massari, Manager of Marketing Communications of Prairie State Legal Services. “Think of our refresh as a logo ‘upgrade’ to help reflect current trends and make it more appealing to a contemporary audience.”

“You’ll notice that we preserved our well-known ‘scales of justice’ avatar, but reshaped and repositioned the avatar and scales within the State of Illinois. In addition, we removed the tagline from the logo, providing greater flexibility. We also updated our color palette, removing black, reinforcing a more
positive brand ‘mood.’ Lastly, we switched out our font for one that is more modern,” Tom said.

The refreshed logo and new tagline (Pursuing Justice. Restoring Hope) are rolling out now. Updates to our core program-wide brochures and outreach kits also are beginning this month and will continue into the first quarter of 2022.