Out of Office Email & Phone Coverage

March 8, 2024

When you are going to be out of the office (vacation, health leave, etc.) we want to be sure that email and phone messages are being monitored so that you can fully unplug from PSLS and have time away, while at the same time know that nothing will be missed.

If your absence is going to be for more than one day, and you will not be actively monitoring your emails and phone messages while you are away, prior to taking leave please:

  1. Discuss with your supervisor who should receive delegation of your email while you are out on leave time;

  2. Discuss with your supervisor where phone calls should be forwarded;

  3. Reach out to Julie Thompson, jthompson@psleg​al.org, so that she can help you set-up this process; and

  4. Create an out of office message on both your email and voicemail letting people know that you are not available, that your phone calls and emails are being monitored, and when you anticipate being back in the office.

Thank you for your help with this!