New Google Form to Request to Attend an External Training

June 14, 2024

In our effort to simplify and streamline the training forms, the training request form to attend external trainings is now a Google Form: Request to Attend a Training Event. This form automatically routes your request to the appropriate staff based on the answers to the form’s questions.

For example, if a requested training exceeds $500, the request will automatically be sent first to the supervisor for approval. Once the supervisor’s approval is received, the form will automatically route to the Training Manager and Executive Director for approval. After submission, you'll receive email updates on the form’s progression.

Like the Google Classrooms, this form can be updated behind the scenes as our needs change without interrupting workflow. For now, this form will be available as a link in the In Brief and will be added as a PSLS Bookmark and in The Prairie Dog.

Please begin using this form whenever you are requesting to attend an external training that exceeds 2 hours or has any cost.

Thank you!