Meet Our Team: Gaynett Hoskins, Community Advocate

November 8, 2021

Gaynett Hoskins’ passion for outreach, advocacy and education led her to Prairie State Legal Service this past June. She serves as a community advocate in our Bloomington office. Gaynett has worked with and advocated for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, homelessness, substance abuse, mass incarceration, accessible and affordable childcare and housing, LGBTQ+ acceptance, pay equality, and more. Gaynett graduated from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana with a Masters in Social Work and a concentration in Leadership and Social Change.

It’s great to have you with us, Gaynett!

Prairie State’s JEO/R3 program is a Community Lawyering Initiative that combines the knowledge and skills of community advocates and attorneys to help solve community identified legal issues, in historically marginalized communities, in a way that empowers local leaders and groups to move towards lasting change and racial equity. We work closely with community-based organizations, churches, and groups to provide not only legal assistance and education, but provide the skills and knowledge to support lasting change. The Justice, Equity, and Opportunity Program is funded in part from the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority under the Illinois Restore, Reinvest, and Renew Program.