McLean County Mobile Home Owners File Suit for Unfair Practices

June 28, 2024

PSLS filed a lawsuit alleging that a mobile home park owner committed unfair and illegal practices. Oak Wood Properties, which is managed by a Texas corporation, purchased five mobile home parks in the area last fall, including Hilltop Mobile Home Park in Bloomington.

Mobile home owner, Stephen Evans, leases a lot at Hilltop Mobile Home Park. Evans and his partner Rose McWhorter allege in a Complaint filed in McLean County Circuit Court that Oak Wood Properties and Hilltop Mobile Home Park violated the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Rights Act (MHLTRA) and the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act.

McWhorter and Evans’ Complaint alleges that they were asked to sign a new lease with misleading and illegal provisions. The Complaint also alleges that the park charged fees the tenants did not agree to and illegally charged increased rent in the middle of a lease term.

PSLS is aware of Hilltop tenants with similar issues. PSLS Senior Staff Attorney, Erin Duncan, who filed the Complaint on behalf of McWhorter and Evans, says, “Mobile home communities are an important source of affordable housing. Many park tenants on fixed or limited incomes own their homes while leasing the lot. Because of the difficulty and expense of moving a mobile home from a lot, the Illinois law provides that park owners should only be able to evict tenants for cause, with leases that should automatically renew so long as a tenant has met their leasing obligations and wants to remain.”

For more information, read the verified Complaint.