McDonald's Corporation Honored with Prairie State Legal Services Distinguished Pro Bono Advocacy Award

November 1, 2021

Prairie State Legal Services was pleased to present its 2021 Distinguished Pro Bono Advocacy Award to the McDonald’s Corporation.

Our partnership with the Law Department at McDonald’s began in 2016 with our Telephone Counseling service to provide advice and brief assistance to clients facing housing issues. Today, 14 different McDonald’s attorneys have volunteered more than 300 hours of their time, helping more than 300 different clients. In the last 12 months, 7 volunteers have taken on almost 100 cases, devoting more than 110 hours of time.

While we appreciate the dedication of all of the McDonald’s volunteers, two attorneys stand out in their commitment to assisting Prairie State’s clients: Michael Meyer, Senior Counsel – Asset Management and Jonathan Rosenmeyer, Senior Counsel – Business Counsel & Franchise Practice Group. They each take on at least one case a week, and have each served more than 100 clients in their time working with Prairie State.

“Being part of and giving back to communities where we work and live is one of McDonald’s longest standing core values,” said Desiree Ralls-Morrison, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of McDonald’s Corporation. “Since 2016, McDonald’s has been proud to support Prairie State Legal Services. It’s a partnership we value and are honored to receive the 2021 Distinguished Pro Bono Advocacy award.”

We are so grateful for the work McDonald’s employees continue to do for Prairie State and our clients. Congratulations!

If you missed Adam’s virtual award presentation, you can view it on our YouTube channel, here: