High-Quality Legal Services for Eloise

May 23, 2024

Meet Eloise, a wheelchair user who has lived in an independent living facility for several years. In the past, the facility’s HVAC unit broke down earlier than expected, because residents kept their doors open. Nowadays, residents are asked to keep their doors closed to preserve the life of the HVAC unit. For Eloise, opening and closing her room’s door while in her wheelchair can be difficult. To make life easier, sometimes Eloise leaves her door open for several minutes. Recently, she learned that her landlord would not renew her lease because leaving her door open strains the HVAC unit. Eloise likes her home and reached out to PSLS for help fighting the non-renewal of lease notice.

Thanks in part to funding from the United Way of Metro Chicago, PSLS advocated for Eloise by requesting a reasonable modification – a door that automatically opens and closes – paid for by Eloise’s family and the withdrawal of the non-renewal notice. Thanks to the high-quality legal services provided by PSLS, the landlord withdrew the non-renewal notice and agreed to allow the installation of the automatic door!