Cristina's Story

November 9, 2023

Cristina is a proud mother of her son. Little did she know, she was in the midst of an ongoing emotionally abusive relationship with his father. This tension culminated when he acted out and committed violence on her son. This led to Cristina scrambling to figure out resources to get her and her son safe. After police intervention, a referral to Prairie State Legal Services was suggested to Cristina. She walked into the Waukegan office and was pleasantly surprised at the options she had and the warmth she was welcomed with. The Waukegan PSLS team helped Cristina obtain a restraining order and navigate the complexities of the situation. Today, you can see Cristina working at PSLS in the Waukegan office, after feeling called to give back to those who were in her situation. Cristina and her son now feel safe and hopeful for the future.