A Safer Life for Laila

March 13, 2024

Meet Laila, a young lady who grew up in a tight-knight, religious community. Unfortunately, Laila also grew up in an abusive home. Laila moved out of her childhood home after an incident of abuse, and got an order of protection on her own. Laila’s finances were impacted because she had to find emergency housing and she missed work while she found a safe place to go.

Laila was desperate. She reached out to PSLS for help. Thanks in part to funding from the United Way of Metro Chicago, PSLS was able to help Laila throughout her journey to obtain an order of protection. PSLS represented Laila at the hearing for an order of protection. After Laila's testimony, the abuser agreed to a plenary order of protection. The plenary order of protection included $3,000 to Laila for losses due to the abuse and also required Laila's abuser to get a mental health evaluation.

Today, Laila is living a safer life free from her abuser. A huge thank you for your work, PSLS staff, and thank you, United Way of Metro Chicago!