A Message from Attorney and Director of Resource Development, Jennifer Luczkowiak

January 25, 2023

First, the Resource Development Team at PSLS wants to thank our donors, funders, grantors, and fundraising committees that remain committed to seeing our mission come to fruition. So many of you have been faithful for so many years to trust us with your finances and partner with us in seeking access to justice for the most vulnerable members of our communities.

In 2022, donations from individuals, corporations, and small foundations remained stable at $812,512. This is the second-highest annual total in PSLS history. Additionally, we continue to be grateful for law firms such as Bock Hatch & Oppenheim and Fish Potter Bolanos P.C. that consider Prairie State Legal Services when directing cy pres awards from class action settlements. In 2022, we received $592,153 in cy pres awards from 13 awards and over $42,000 in cy pres awards since January 1, 2023.

We are grateful for several new and expanded grant opportunities this year as well:

Nicor Gas Foundation, a first-time grantor, provided PSLS with a $150,000 grant for work in Winnebago and Will Counties focused on our legal services to Promote Job Readiness and Housing Stability Legal Services.

PSLS received a grant from the Administration on Community Living to develop an innovative program for older adults that will be based within senior subsidized housing and work collaboratively with adult protective services to address issues of elder abuse and exploitation. PSLS was one of four grantees nationwide, and the goal is to develop replicable models of service that can then be implemented in other communities.

Thanks to a recurring donor, Jarod Ballard, PSLS is being awarded a $10,000 Hometown Grant from General Mills!

Longtime funder, The Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois, has expanded funding for PSLS in 2023 for the purpose of hiring more Community Resource Specialists. These staff will share the mission of PSLS through outreach to social service agencies and community partners, and they will connect clients with valuable community resources.

Finally, I invite you to join fellow supporters on Wednesday, February 8, at noon for a webinar. During the lunch hour, you will get to meet our new Executive Director, Denise E. Conklin, learn about her vision for 2023, and hear more about the efforts of our local fundraising committees. Following this webinar, each local fundraising committee, or Campaign for Legal Services Team, will meet virtually to discuss local fundraising efforts. We would love to have you join us!



Meeting Link


T 2/21 @ 4:30pm



T 2/14 @ Noon



W 2/15 @ Noon



F 3/3 @ Noon



T 2/21 @ Noon


Rock Island

Th 2/23 @ Noon



Th 2/16 @ 4pm



F 2/24 @ Noon


West Suburban

Th 2/16 @ Noon



F 2/17 @ Noon


I look forward to connecting with more of you in 2023!


Jennifer N. Luczkowiak

Attorney & Director of Resource Development