2024 PSLS Picnic

July 5, 2024

We are excited to return to Wintrust Field for our 2024 PSLS Picnic on July 24! Below are some answers to frequently asked questions along with the registration link.

Please complete the registration by July 10, even if you do not plan to attend so we can ensure we have an accurate attendance count.

Click here to register!

Is mileage covered?

Yes, mileage to/from the picnic is covered based on the PSLS local travel policy.

Who is invited?

All current PSLS staff, in-house volunteers, and their immediate family members. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment and recognize that traditional definitions of "immediate family members" can exclude important familial relationships. If you have specific questions about whether someone could be considered an immediate family member, please reach out to HR.

Can we close the office?

Yes. Please let Director of Legal Operations, Sam DiGrino, know if you will be closing your office for the picnic.

How do we code our time?

All staff who attend the picnic should enter the full day as "Authorized Time Off w/Pay" in Legal Server. If you are 100% grant funded, please use your normal funding code. If you are not 100% grant funded, please use funding code 003 General Funds.

If you normally are off the day of the picnic, or the picnic + travel time ends up being longer than your normal work day, you do not need to offset your time. Please enter the full amount of time for the picnic + your travel to/from the picnic following the instructions above. If you are non-exempt, please complete a variance form with your supervisor for any extra time worked OR if you do end up offsetting your time.

What if I won't be attending?

Please complete the registration form even if you are not planning to attend the picnic so we can ensure an accurate attendance number. If you are not attending, you can either work the day of the picnic, or use accrued vacation or personal time.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out! We are looking forward to seeing everybody and their families in person!