Domestic Violence Awareness

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

PSLS recognizes October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. PSLS staff work to empower survivors of domestic violence with the information and legal help they need to stop abuse and build safe, stable lives for themselves and their family.

PSLS Services Impact Survivors

Services Impact Survivors is the theme of our Domestic Violence Awareness Month this year. Join us this month to ensure that we can continue these services for the survivors we serve.

Monica's Story


Monica got married young to her high school sweetheart. Monica thought she knew this person, but things changed over time and after the birth of their young son, she began to endure physical and verbal abuse from her husband. After an incident where she was strangled by her husband, she knew it was time to get out for the safety of her and her son. She sought help from her family, and they encouraged Monica to call the Domestic Violence Hotline, which referred her to the courthouse where she was connected with Prairie State Legal Services. PSLS helped Monica with a restraining order and a divorce in which she received sole custody of her son. Today, she feels safe and grateful for the work of PSLS in her family's life.


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It definitely helped me get away from the abusive relationship.
Former PSLS Client

Julia's Story


Julia grew up in a small rural Illinois town. She graduated high school and attended Northern Illinois University to pursue her dream of studying analytical chemistry. While at Northern Illinois University, she became a victim of sexual misconduct and domestic violence. This incident forced her into grief and confusion. The NIU administrative staff and local police referred Julia to Prairie State Legal Services. PSLS worked alongside these entities in getting Julia the legal outcomes that would make her feel safe to continue going to school. Today, Julia is hopeful for her future academic studies, and is grateful for the services of PSLS.


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Prairie State helped me get the safety that I needed.

Former PSLS Client

Cristina's Story


Cristina is a proud mother of her son. Little did she know, she was in the midst of an ongoing emotionally abusive relationship with his father. This tension culminated when he acted out and committed violence on her son. This led to Cristina scrambling to figure out resources to get her and her son safe. After police intervention, a referral to Prairie State Legal Services was suggested to Cristina. She walked into the Waukegan office and was pleasantly surprised at the options she had and the warmth she was welcomed with. The Waukegan PSLS team helped Cristina obtain a restraining order and navigate the complexities of the situation. Today, you can see Cristina working at PSLS in the Waukegan office, after feeling called to give back to those who were in her situation. Cristina and her son now feel safe and hopeful for the future.


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There are people who can help you.

Former PSLS Client

Huma's Story


Huma immigrated to Illinois from Pakistan in 2003 with her now ex-husband. Huma and her husband lived throughout Chicago and the northern suburbs, raising two daughters, when the abuse from her ex-husband started. For the protection of herself and her children, Huma started to seek help and resources to exit the situation. A co-worker referred Huma to Prairie State Legal Services to seek expertise on the complex domestic abuse situation. Huma walked into the PSLS Waukegan office and was greeted with kindness and resources. The PSLS Waukegan team helped Huma get out of the abusive relationship and start a new future for herself and her children. Today, Huma feels like she has her safety and freedom back and is hopeful for the future she now has for her and her daughters.


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We are much better than we were before.

Former PSLS Client

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